FF7 Rebirth Character tier list

Image source: Square Enix

It's party time.

In FF7 Rebirth, each party member brings a unique set of abilities and skills to the table. In our FF7 Rebirth character tier list, we break down how each character in the game ranks in terms of their effectiveness in battle, abilities, and roles, so you can pick the most effective party to suit your play style. We’ve omitted the central protagonist, Cloud, from this list, since you can’t choose to have him in your party or not.

All FF7 Characters, Ranked (Tier List)



  • Speed: Incredibly fast in battle, able to close distances quickly.
  • Abilities: Specializes in aerial attacks like ‘Sidewinder’, which allows him to leap into the air and strike enemies from above.
  • Magic: Comes with the Bio spell to poison enemies.
  • Summon: Has the powerful Ifrit summon from the start of the game.


  • Combat Style: Fast and hard-hitting, excelling in mobility.
  • Special Moves: Can throw her shuriken with a press of a button and then leap towards it to retrieve it, making her invaluable in fights requiring vertical mobility.
  • Abilities: Possesses powerful abilities like ‘Art of War’ and ‘Elemental Ninjutsu’.



  • Range: Excellent long-range fighter.
  • Abilities: Overcharge allows for rapid-fire shots, and Maximum Fury is great when fully charged, though it may not always be the most effective option.
  • Role: Often used as a support character, dealing damage from a distance and providing potions to teammates.

Cait Sith

  • Combat Style: Relies on his moogle for physical attacks and uses a megaphone for special abilities.
  • Abilities: ‘Let’s Ride’ and ‘Dodge n Dive’ are useful for building ATB, and Roll o’ the Dice adds a fun, random element to battles.
  • Role: More of a utility character, offering a mix of offensive and defensive capabilities.



  • Abilities: Known for her Synergy Skills like ‘Soaring Flurry’ and ‘Heavenly Ascent’, as well as her powerful moves ‘Relentless Rush’ and ‘Synchro Cyclonic Kick’.
  • Role: Primarily used for her synergy with other party members and as a secondary support for healing and buffs.



  • Strengths: Best at long-range attacks.
  • Limit Break: ‘Healing Wind’, which is not very effective in most battles.
  • Role: Mainly used for healing and supporting other party members with Synergy Skills and Abilities.

So, there you have it: our FF7 Rebirth character tier list. Our list reflects the characters’ overall effectiveness in combat, with S-Tier characters being the most versatile and powerful, and C-Tier characters being more specialized or situational. Nevertheless, each has their uses, so choose wisely to suit your playstyle. If you’re wondering where Cid and Vincent are in this character list, we’re afraid we have bad news…