resident evil remakes

Image source: Capcom

Tug those nostalgia strings.

If you’re a Resident Evil fan, rejoice: Capcom has confirmed that more Resident Evil remakes are on the way. The recent announcement follows the incredible critical and commercial success of the three previous remakes, which have reinvigorated the series for modern audiences.

During a recent awards event in Japan, Resident Evil 4 remake director Yasuhiro Anpo confirmed the company’s plans to continue revisiting classic titles. Speaking to IGN, Anpo expressed his enthusiasm for bringing these beloved games to new generations, saying, “We’ve released three remakes so far and they have all been received very well. Since it allows a modern audience to play these games, it is something I am happy to do.”

The series has seen remarkable commercial success with its remakes. The Resident Evil 2 remake, released in January 2019, sold over 13.1 million copies, making it the best-selling entry in the series and Capcom’s third best-selling game ever. Following its success, Capcom released the Resident Evil 3 remake in April 2020, which has sold eight million units. The most recent, Resident Evil 4, launched this March and has already surpassed five million sales, making it the fastest-selling entry since 2009’s Resident Evil 5.

Anpo also acknowledged the importance of community feedback in the development process. “We are very grateful to users that are vocal about their opinion,” he said. “It allows us to develop with the player’s opinion in mind.”

While specific titles for future remakes remain undisclosed, Capcom’s track record suggests that whatever comes next is likely to be well-received by both long-time fans and newcomers to the series. The gaming community eagerly awaits further announcements regarding which beloved Resident Evil game will be remade next.

In related news, Capcom recently announced that the iPhone 15 Pro version of the Resident Evil 4 remake will be priced at $60. This aligns with Apple’s promise of delivering console-quality games on its devices. Additionally, Capcom has also set a release date for Dragon’s Dogma 2, slated for March 22, 2024, and has opened pre-orders for the title on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, marking it as their first $70 game.