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Burning question.

Players of Destiny 2 Season 22 have come across an unexpected surprise – a brand new Phosphorescent Shader that mysteriously showed up in their Collections menu. Shaders in Destiny 2 serve as consumables that enable players to customize the color schemes of their gear. Although Guardians lack the ability to personally select their own colors, even a basic all-black Shader brings a sense of satisfaction. Yet, with the sudden vanishing of the Phosphorescent Shader, the query arises – can you get the Phosphorescent Shader in Destiny 2? Here’s what you need to know.

Is It Possible To Get the Phosphorescent Shader in Destiny 2?

Unfortunately, the Phosphorescent Shader cannot be obtained as it was a glitch that was accidentally added to Destiny 2. Destiny 2’s official help account, @BungieHelp, clarified the issue on Twitter. Although the in-game item description stated that it could be obtained from Gambit matches and rank-up packages from the Drifter, it is bound to be removed. This news may be disappointing for players who were excited about the prospect of having an all-black Shader.

From the start, eagle-eyed Guardians noticed something peculiar about the Phosphorescent Shader. Its all-black color scheme looked exactly like the armor’s “base color.” Typically, predominantly black Shaders are paired with other colors as highlights. For example, the Night Vision Shader has a glowing neon green addition, and the Jacarina Shader is accompanied by white color and red orbs. The opportunity to paint an entire armor set black made the player base extremely happy, but unfortunately, it was not meant to be.

However, just because the Phosphorescent Shader was a bug does not mean it will never be added to Destiny 2. It is possible that it was a placeholder item for an event or expansion that was prematurely released into the game. In future updates, Bungie might properly add the Phosphorescent Shader. However, considering the presence of other black color schemes in the game, it is doubtful that it will be an all-black Shader.


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To sum up, the Phosphorescent Shader in Destiny 2 was an unintended glitch that made its way into the game. Although players were disappointed that they couldn’t acquire it, there is a chance that Bungie might include it in a future update, event, or expansion. Players should keep an eye out for updates from Bungie regarding the availability of the Phosphorescent Shader. Meanwhile, they can still fully immerse themselves in the expansive world of Destiny 2, delving into the enigmas of the solar system and enjoying the thrilling first-person shooter gameplay.