ark survival ascended castoroides

Image source: Studio Wildcard

‍One of the ARK Survival Ascended’s most beloved features is the ability to tame and interact with prehistoric creatures. Among these is the versatile Castoroides, otherwise known as Beavers. Here’s your comprehensive guide on how to tame Castoroides in ARK Survival Ascended.

Castoroides in ARK Survival Ascended, Explained

Why would one want to tame a Castoroides in ARK Survival Ascended? Well, as you’d expect from a wee Beaver, Castoroides are excellent gatherers, capable of harvesting wood super fast. They can carry significant weight, making them handy companions for construction projects. Their ability to swim and carry heavy loads makes them excellent transportation aids, especially for aquatic journeys. Not to mention, their dam-building skills can be harnessed for creating irrigation systems and managing water resources.

Importantly, Silica Pearls are typically harvested at Beaver damns, which explains why the creature is so sought after.

Where to Find Castoroides

To tame a Castoroide, the first step is to locate one. No surprise, these creatures are predominantly found near bodies of water like rivers, lakes, or swamps. They are recognizable by their distinct beaver-like appearance and the large dams they build. They tend to gather in areas rich in resources, often near trees.

How to Tame a Beaver

Before initiating the taming process, you’ll need the necessary supplies. Castoroides love Vegetables or Rare Mushrooms during their taming process. So, a substantial amount of these items should be brought along as bait.

Fair warning, approach a Castoroide carefully as they startle easily. Ranged weapons or tranquilizer darts/arrows should be used, aiming at the body to inflict damage and increase its torpor without causing fatal injury. It’s equally crucial to stay alert for other nearby creatures that may become aggressive during the engagement.

Feeding and Taming

Once the Castoroides is unconscious, access its inventory to place the Vegetables or Rare Mushrooms inside. The Castoroides will consume them automatically, gradually raising its taming effectiveness. Continue feeding it until the taming process is complete, ensuring that the surrounding area is clear of possible threats to both you and the Castoroides.

After successfully taming Castoroides, it’s important to provide them with an appropriate living space. As semi-aquatic creatures, they require access to water and ample space to move around. Constructing a dam-like structure or providing access to a natural water body within their habitat is advisable.

Once tamed, Castoroides can be put to use for gathering wood, thatch, and other resources. Their unique dam-building capability can be harnessed for water management and irrigation systems, making them a valuable addition to your team.

All Beaver Dam Locations in ARK Survival Ascended

As the Castoroides are excellent builders, their dams are a rich source of various resources. These dams are often found near rivers and lakes and can contain Cementing Paste, Rare Mushrooms, Wood, Rare Flowers, and Silica Pearls.

Here are some useful coordinates for Beaver Dam farming locations in ARK Survival Ascended:

  • South Zone 1 River: 76.7, 41.5
  • Northwest early-game location: 33.1, 14.9
  • Southern Coast Lagoon: 91.6, 61.3
  • Northeast Redwoods River: 47.3, 65.8
  • Top of Waterfall: 40.7, 72.6
  • Northwest Redwood Forest River: 54.9, 26.7
  • Beaver Lake: 17.6, 72.6

Use our interactive map page to help you locate these Beaver dams.

Harvesting from Beaver Dams can be challenging, as Castoroides are protective of their homes. However, strategies such as luring away the Castoroides using flying mounts can make the task less arduous. Emptying the dams will cause them to be demolished, prompting the Castoroides to build new ones, thus providing more resources.

So that wraps it all up. The Castoroides, with their unique set of skills and resourcefulness, are a valuable asset to any player in ARK Survival Ascended. Understanding their behavior, knowing how to tame them, and utilizing their abilities is a juice worth the squeeze for collecting valuable resources. They’re also kinda cute.