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Playing god.

‍We’re loving Palworld’s unique blend of monster collection and shooter gameplay. If you’re like us and enjoying playing on a dedicated server then knowing all the console commands is a must. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to all Palworld console commands, enabling you to navigate the game efficiently and maximize your gaming experience.

All Palworld Console Commands

In case it wasn’t obvious, setting up a dedicated server is a prerequisite to using console commands. This can be done either by hosting it on your own PC or through a third-party host.

Once you’ve done that, to access console commands, acquiring the administrator password is necessary. If you’re hosting the server yourself, you’ll set this password. Alternatively, the server host will provide it to you. With the admin password at your disposal, you can access a plethora of console commands.

Shutting Down the Server

The command /Shutdown {Seconds} {MessageText} allows you to shut down the server after a specified duration. The message text can be customized as per your preference.

Stopping the Server

To halt the server’s operation, use the /DoExit command.

Managing Players

To moderate player participation, use /KickPlayer {Steam ID} to remove a specific player from the server, or /BanPlayer {Steam ID} to ban a player.

Broadcasting Messages

The /Broadcast {MessageText} command enables you to communicate with all players in the server by displaying a customized message.

Teleporting Players

You can teleport yourself to a specific player or bring a player to your location using /TeleportToPlayer {Steam ID} or /TeleportToMe {Steam ID}, respectively.

Displaying Player List

To view a list of all connected players, use the /ShowPlayers command.

Accessing Server Information

For a comprehensive overview of the server, use the /Info command.

Saving World Data

To preserve your current world data, use the /Save command.

That wraps up all console commands in Palworld. Learning these will provide greater control over your gameplay and allow you to setup your server according to your preference. Check out our starter guide if you’re just getting setup in the game and learning the ropes.