Valorant Movie is potentially in the works

Image source: Riot Games

Dreams are coming true?

Fans of Valorant have long been vocal about their enthusiasm for an animated series based on the popular shooter, and it seems their dreams may soon be realized. A Brazilian leaker called Kingdom Laboratories over on Twitter claims that there’s an animated movie in development. It’s being made in China by Tencent and will launch in 2025.

Valorant Animated Movie Is in Development, Says Leaker

While precise specifics about the project are shrouded in mystery, the leak includes a hyperlink to a scheduled YouTube livestream on October 13, 2024, which might unveil an initial trailer for the upcoming cinematic trailer.

Kingdom Laboratories also shed light on the aesthetic of the upcoming movie, noting that it would diverge from the Arcane series while echoing the cinematic style that accompanied the launch of Valorant in China. Given that Riot Games operates under the umbrella of Tencent, a conglomerate boasting its own animation and comics arm, it is plausible that the resources required for crafting a top-tier cinematic adaptation are well within their grasp.

Notwithstanding the promising nature of these leaked tidbits, Riot Games has refrained from either confirming or refuting the existence of a Valorant film project. We’re still none the wiser about which animated studio is heading development, either.

Riot Games earned acclaim for its animated series, Arcane, back in 2021, based on the League of Legends universe. Ever since then, and following a number of Valorant lore cinematics and various trailers, fans of the game have long hyped a potential animated series. And who could blame them, really? Valorant’s mysterious lore and its colorful cast of Agents would make a fascinating show.