Valorant Champions 2023 Ticking Away Song

Image source: Riot Games

Stone. Cold. Banger.

Valorant’s biggest esports event is just around the corner, and as usual, publisher Riot Games is planning a bunch of exciting content to celebrate. That includes the typical theme tune, which started as a League of Legends Worlds signature but has since been rolled out to Valorant. The very first Champions 2021 theme song was Die For You by Grabbitz, and the same artist is returning this year with “Ticking Away.”

Update: The song has now been officially unveiled. We’ve embedded the official video below.

Ticking Away Valorant Champions 2023 Leak

The song was scheduled for reveal later today, Monday, July 31, but unfortunately, it’s been leaked early via a Chinese music streaming service. The company has since taken it down, but not before YouTubers found it and uploaded the new track. You can check it out below but do note that the actual video is not official.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s another stone-cold banger from Grabbitz, who this time has collaborated with BBNO$ to produce a memorable theme tune.

This year the theme tune once again is integrated into the Valorant Champions 2023 skin bundle; it plays during the weapon inspection animation and as part of the finisher. For full details on the new bundle, head over to our dedicated report.

For those interested in watching the upcoming esports event, Valorant Champions 2023 is scheduled to begin toward the end of this week, Aug. 6. The opening game is Team Liquid vs. NAVI.