the last of us part 2 roguelike

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment

Better value than we thought.

Sony has recently disclosed details about new content being added for The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered, set to launch on PS5 on January 19, 2024. This enhanced version of the acclaimed title is not just a visual upgrade but also introduces new gameplay elements, including previously unseen content and a unique survival mode called No Return. The news comes by way of PlayStation’s product page.

The remaster will include three ‘Lost Levels’ – Sewers, Jackson Party, and Boar Hunt. These were part of the early development stages of the original game but were not included in the final release. Players will now have the chance to explore these new environments, accompanied by hours of developer commentary providing insights into the game’s creation.

As mentioned above, a notable addition to the remastered edition is the No Return survival mode. This roguelike experience allows players to step into the shoes of various characters, some of whom are playable for the first time, including Dina, Jesse, Lev, and Tommy. Each character brings unique traits and playstyles, offering fresh perspectives and challenges. As players progress, they can unlock skins for these characters.

In ‘No Return’, players navigate through randomized encounters set in memorable locations from the game. Each run features different enemies and culminates in intense boss battles, with gameplay modifiers adding to the unpredictability and excitement.

True to its remastered status, the game will also boast enhanced graphics, offering native 4K output in Fidelity Mode and 1440p upscaled to 4K in Performance Mode. For those with TVs supporting VRR, an unlocked framerate option will be available. Other improvements include increased texture resolution, enhanced shadow quality, and improved animation sampling rates.

For fans who already own The Last of Us Part 2 on PS4, Sony has provided a budget-friendly upgrade path. Players can move to the PS5 version for just $10, and their saves from the PS4 version will carry over to the remastered edition.