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Tough choice.

Livvy plays a big part in Starfield’s Mantis questline. When you engage in conversation with him, you will have the option to attack him, forcing you to make a moral judgment. It is important to note that Livvy is an NPC, and regardless of your choice, you will never encounter him again. With this in mind, let’s explore which decision is best between spare or kill Livvy in Starfield.

Spare of Kill Livvy in Starfield, Choice Explained

Spare of Kill Livvy in Starfield

What Happens if You Kill Livvy?

If you decide to kill Livvey, you will have the opportunity to loot his gear. However, it is worth mentioning that Livvy’s absence will not have any notable impact on the story or the reactions of other characters. In our playthrough, we found the following items on his body:

  • 1046 credits
  • Brown Leather Jumpsuit
  • Eon

It is entirely up to you whether you choose to eliminate Livvy and claim his possessions. Keep in mind that he does not hold the solution to the Mantis puzzle, so his fate is inconsequential in that regard.

What Happens if You Spare Livvy?

On the other hand, sparing Livvy does not offer any tangible benefits or advancements in the story. As previously mentioned, Livvy does not possess any crucial information or rewards that would warrant letting him live. It may be a moral decision to spare his life, but it ultimately has no significant impact on the overall narrative.

In our experience, companions and other characters do not react differently whether Livvy lives or dies, further reinforcing the notion that the choice to spare or kill him is inconsequential. It is important to consider your own personal values and playstyle when making this decision.

Which Decision Is Best?

Ultimately, whether you choose to spare or kill Livvy in Starfield boils down to your own moral compass and playstyle. If you are driven by a desire for loot and are unbothered by the consequences of eliminating an NPC, killing Livvy and looting his items may be the path for you. However, if you prefer to make morally justifiable choices, sparing Livvy may align better with your principles.


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It’s important to remember that Starfield is a game designed to offer players choices and consequences. The beauty of this game lies in the freedom to shape your own story and navigate the universe according to your own values.

The decision to spare or kill Livvy in the Mantis quest is a personal one that ultimately has minimal impact on the overall narrative. Whether you choose to eliminate Livvey for potential loot or spare him out of moral obligation, the game allows you to shape your own story and navigate the universe according to your own values.