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Spooky season.

Once a Microsoft exclusive, the survival horror game Scorn is creeping its way onto PS5 later this year. Not only that but when it makes it arrives the game will debut haptic feedback functionality that developer Ebb Software believes enhances the spooky sensations of its gameplay. We don’t doubt it!

Scorn PS5 Release & Haptic Feedback

The news comes via the PlayStation Blog, where technical artist at Ebb Software Jovan Vučković explains his excitement about the upcoming release, now armed with haptic technology:

“The main character in the game interacts with the world mostly by using his hands. Most of these interactions are also painful for the character. That’s where haptics comes into play.

“The imagery offered to the player’s eyes is painful by itself, but we wanted to increase this feeling by giving a sensation to the hands holding the controller. Players are also able to feel the directions of haptics (left or right hand), further adding to the experience.”

Additional features of the DualSense controller include leveraging its adaptive triggers to provide a distinct sense of weight for each weapon, while the light bar serves as an indicator for the player’s health.

Furthermore, a premium physical edition of the game will be available for the PS5, featuring a steelbook case, a digital artbook, and a digital soundtrack.

all scorn ps5 editions

For those not up to speed, in Scorn players find themselves immersed in an enigmatic biomechanical realm, you find yourself trapped and isolated. Navigating a deteriorating civilization teeming with distorted and macabre beings becomes your imperative. In Scorn, your journey unfolds in a world where wielding a diverse array of weapons is possible, but it is crucial to note that this is not a typical shooter game.

Each encounter carries the potential for swift and perilous consequences. Ammunition and vitality are scarce resources, prompting your instincts to steer you away from direct confrontations. Instead, progression within this captivating labyrinth demands the revitalization and activation of forsaken contraptions—part machine, part flesh—a haunting blend of horror.


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There’s no firm release date on Scorn’s PS5 debut, but we’ll keep you posted when we hear more.