all palworld black market npc locations

Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc

Shady dude.

‍In Pocket Pair, Inc’s monster-collecting survival game, Palworld, it isn’t just creatures who roam the landscape. There are NPCs, too, and they can actually be captured all the same! One particular NPC with an important role is the Black Marketeer, a shady buyer and seller of Pals. Here we’ll explain all the Black Market NPC locations in Palworld, and how to capture them if you’re in the market for a little human pet.

The Black Marketeer in Palworld, Explained

As alluded to above, the Black Marketeer is a unique figure in Palworld — and not just for their creepy appearance. They are essentially merchants dealing with the buying and selling of illegal Pals, and you’ll almost certainly have to deal with them at some stage.

Black Marketeers purchase stolen or illegal Pals for full price and also sell Pals with a higher rarity and variety than standard Pal Traders. You may even come across Fusion Pals in their offerings, rare versions of Pals with different Elements, identifiable by terms like “Lux” or “Cryst” in their names.

Where to Find the Black Market NPC (Early Game Location)

An early game Black Marketeer can be found in the depths of the Abandoned Mine, just west of the Desolate Church waypoint. You can use our interactive map page to check out the location, or just follow this step-by-step:

  1. Spawn into the Desolate Church waypoint and head west.
  2. Jump down the cliff to find the entrance to the Abandoned Mine. Pal Spheres scattered on the ground guide the way.
  3. Inside the mine, you will discover the Black Marketeer trading in contraband.

It’s important to remember that Black Marketeers all purchase Pals at the same price, so the location does not affect the deal you get.

How to Find the Black Markeer (Late Game Location)

In the later stages of the game, you can many other Black Marketeers. Here are a couple go-to locations in our playthrough so far:

  • North part of the map, past the Dessicated Desert. You need to reach the top of the icy mountain where there’s a tower. This is the PIDF Tower Entrance waypoint. From here, head west to the coordinates 496, 340 to find the Secret Mineshaft where the second Black Marketeer is located.
  • A Black Marketeer is located outside the abandoned city of Duneshelter, at coordinates 345, 364. You’ll find him by following the outer wall of the ruined city.

The Black Marketeer operates on a proximity restock system, meaning that the wares won’t change if you just stand in the chamber and wait. You will need to leave the area and return a day later to see the new items in stock.

How to Capture a Black Market NPC

While you can’t breed human NPCs, it is possible to capture them, including the Black Marketeer. Here is a step-by-step guide to capturing a Black Marketeer:

  1. Prepare yourself with the right tools, with Legendary spheres being the preferred choice due to their high capture rate.
  2. Approach your target carefully, ensuring you weaken and not kill them.
  3. Once weakened, throw your Pal Sphere to capture them.

Remember, human NPCs won’t display a capture percentage like Pals do, so capturing them requires a bit of luck.

Once captured, Black Marketeers can be assigned to work in your base. If they’re merchants, they can sell items to you right there, making them a convenient addition to your team.

So that wraps it up. As you’re now aware, Palworld’s Black Marketeer are shady-looking dudes, but he’s well worth bartering with throughout your adventure. If you don’t like the look of them, maybe don’t capture one and just deal with them sparingly instead!