Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Image source: Nintendo

Out of nowhere.

Nintendo likes to take us by surprise, don’t they? The Super Mario RPG Remake isn’t the only title making a comeback. During its recent Nintendo Direct presentation, the big N disclosed plans for two additional titles, each dedicated to showcasing beloved Mario characters. That includes a Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Remaster.

Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon Remaster Coming Soon

Originally released on the 3DS, we saw only a brief glimpse of this revamped version highlights the visual enhancements that will be incorporated into the game. For those not up to speed, players assume the role of Luigi, who embarks on a ghostly quest to rescue his missing mentor, Professor E. Gadd.

The game revolves around the shattered Dark Moon artifact, which has fragmented across five haunted mansions, causing chaos in the once serene Evershade Valley. Armed with the Poltergust 5000, a ghost-sucking vacuum cleaner, Luigi must explore each mansion, solve puzzles, and capture troublesome specters to restore the Dark Moon’s power.

A Princess Peach Game as Well

The other title revolves around Princess Peach, but specific details are again thin. We don’t even know its actual title yet. The fleeting footage presented provides limited insight into the gameplay mechanics.

Both of these games are scheduled for release sometime in 2024.