Image source: Pocket Pair, Inc.

Dead or alive!

Palworld ain’t no cutesy Pokemon experience! There’s a life of crime to be led if you seek it, but breaking the law comes with consequences. Those who break the law can expect a wanted status, which isn’t something you want hanging over your head for long. Here we’ll explain how to remove the ‘Wanted’ status in Palworld.

Gaining Wanted Status in Palworld

As you explore Palworld, you’ll come across friendly NPCs who are under the protection of the law. Initiating an attack on these NPCs triggers a warning that “Criminal Activity is Underway.” Persisting in this behavior escalates the situation, leading to a ‘Wanted’ status.

What Happens When You’re Wanted?

  • PIDF Guards Response: The Palworld police force, known as PIDF Guards, will be dispatched to your location.
  • Increasing Wanted Level: Your Wanted level rises if you continue attacking friendly NPCs or engage in combat with PIDF Guards.
  • Guard Intensity: As your Wanted level increases, expect more numerous and powerful PIDF Guards.

How to Remove Wanted Status in Palworld

Once you’ve attained a Wanted status, there are several ways to revert back to a law-abiding citizen:

1. Defeat the PIDF Guards

  • Combat Solution: Engaging and defeating all PIDF Guards pursuing you will clear your Wanted status.
  • Note: Using your Pals to fight doesn’t seem to raise your Wanted level.

2. Death as a Last Resort

  • Surrender: Allowing PIDF Guards to kill you will remove your Wanted status.
  • Drawback: This method risks losing any rare loot you possess.

3. Waiting It Out

  • Hide and Wait: Seeking refuge in a safe location, such as a fortified building where PIDF Guards can’t enter, might cause the Wanted status to dissipate over time.

It should be noted that the Wanted system in Palworld has shown some inconsistencies and bugs, particularly in interactions involving Pals attacking NPCs or guards. Currently, attacking friendly NPCs or guards with Pals doesn’t seem to affect the Wanted level.

Anyway, to sum up the topic:

  • Attack friendly NPCs to trigger “Criminal Activity is Underway,” leading to a Wanted status.
  • Continued aggression towards NPCs and PIDF Guards increases the intensity of pursuit.
  • Defeat PIDF Guards, allow them to kill you, or hide until the status disappears.

So there you have it. Engaging in criminal activities is all part of the fun in Palworld, but when the heat becomes too much you can always remove your wanted status. Clearly, the game is still in Early Access and so bugs and errors are to be expected; we’ll keep you posted with updates when they occur.