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Fixer upper.

Rebuilding the drain pumps and draining the water in The Lower Deeps is something you’ll need to overcome to progress in Return to Moria. Unfortunately, it’s not the simple repair job it might be. Why? Because as you’ll have likely already found out, this location is patrolled by The Watcher boss. It can actually be avoided if you’re careful, though. Here we’ll explain how.

Rebuilding Pumps & Draining the Water in Return to Moria

First, we recommend clearing your inventory of valuable gear because this section of the game is pretty tricky. What you will need, though, are the following resources:

  • Coal (35-45)
  • Ubasam Wood (50-60)
  • Stone (50-60)
  • Wood Scraps (20-30)
  • Iron Bars (20-30)

You’ll need these to create a hearth and actually build the pipes after having forged a bridge across the water.

If you can, also construct a Map Stone for fast travel, which can significantly reduce the risk of losing items and provides a quick return path.

Rebuild the Drain Pumps

Rebuild the Drain Pumps

When you arrive in the flooded area of the Lower Deeps, use the Ubasam Wood to build a makeshift bridge to cross the water safely. Begin by creating a path to the middle platform, where the Watcher initially appears, and then veer towards the small waterfall on the far side, away from the Watcher’s reach. By doing so you’re avoiding the Watcher’s typical attack path. Well, sort of.

Do note that it can actually still sometimes get you here, so be careful. Technically, you’re not supposed to tackle this without taking on the boss.

Assuming you managed safely, once on the other side, quickly knock together a Hearth and a Furnace. These will enable you to craft the 3 Replacement Pipes needed for the pumps.

The Replacement Pipes are too large for your inventory, so they must be carried by hand. This will slow you down, making evasion of the Watcher tricky. It’s doable if you’re careful.

Draining the Water

Drain the water in Moria

After crafting, place the first Replacement Pipe inside the building. The second pipe goes behind the building, and you may need to construct platforms or use existing structures to reach the installation point. The third pipe is visible as you approach the side of the building.

Do note that even though this area is safe from the Watcher, there are sometimes random groups of enemy orcs that pop up. This didn’t happen to us every single time, but often enough to be annoying if it was timed with our building.

With all pipes in place, find the lever next to the large cog within the main room and pull it. This action won’t remove the water where the Watcher is, but it will drain the water from the door, allowing you to proceed with the mission.

That wraps up how to rebuild the drain pump and drain the water in Return to Moria. For more on the game, check out our detailed starter guide.