how to get cursed fingers

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Anime Last Stand (ALS) is a Roblox game that fuses tower defense and our favorite anime characters. One of the most sought-after of those is the Curse King, otherwise known as Sukuna. But to unleash Sukuna’s full potential, you’ll need to evolve him into his unsuppressed form. For that, Cursed Fingers are required. Here we’ll break down how to get Cursed Fingers in Anime Last Stand, and how you can farm them to quickly evolve Sukuna.

Collecting Cursed Fingers in Anime Last Stand

There are 12 Cursed Fingers to collect via different challenges in the game, which is honestly a bit of a grind considering the drop rates aren’t very high. The item has a 22.5% to 30% drop chance upon the completion of a challenge, meaning on average, you might receive a Cursed Finger for every three to four runs, although this can vary due to the nature of RNG.

To start farming Cursed Fingers, go to the Challenges section found in the hub area’s cave. Alternatively, you can access this area quickly by pressing the TPs button and selecting the Challenges option for instant teleportation.

While the specific challenges available can vary, there’s really only one you want to focus on. Planet Nemak Act 6 on Nightmare Mode should be your go-to for farming Cursed Fingers. This might change with a future update, but for now this is the only one you should be playing.

Given the drop rate, make sure you’ve got your units sorted effectively to max your chances. Upgrade them and use effective formations to increase your success rate. Let’s dive into some tips for farming.

How to Farm Cursed Fingers Fast

Joining up with friends or other players definitely makes challenges easier and more manageable, especially if the challenges are particularly tough.

Again, ensure your units are properly upgraded and that you’re using a strategy suited to the challenge at hand. Even in his suppressed form, Sakuna is a good choice. Also, placing your units strategically on the battlefield is very important. Think about the range, attack type, and special abilities of your units to maximize their effectiveness against incoming waves.

Oh, and if the game offers any boosts that can increase drop rates or enhance your units’ performance, you should use them to improve your farming efficiency.

How to Evolve Sukuna

Once you’ve collected 12 Cursed Fingers, evolving Sukuna is straightforward:

  • Open the Units Menu and select Curse King (Suppressed).
  • If you have the required 12 Cursed Fingers, an ‘Evolve’ button will appear. Click it to transform Sukuna into his evolved form, significantly boosting his stats and abilities.

Farming Cursed Fingers in Anime Last Stand is definitely a grind, but that’s just the nature of the game. Just keep rerunning the challenge until you’ve got a strategy that works, and the Cursed Fingers will come. If you’re a Blox Fruits players then check out our latest codes info.