new items in Remnant 2 Forgotten Kingom

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After the success of the base game, the launch of The Forgotten Kingdom DLC for Remnant 2 introduces a fresh chapter full of new bosses, enemies, and a treasure trove of items set in the mysterious jungles of Yaesha. If you’ve just dived in, you’ll want to know exactly what and where they can be found. Here’s a comprehensive guide to all new items in Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom.

Every New Item Added For The Forgotten Kingdom

Before diving into the details, remember that item locations in Remnant 2 are randomized. While certain quest items, weapons, and armor might be found consistently across playthroughs, rings and amulets may vary in placement. This guide offers potential locations based on our experiences in multiple playthroughs.

Zone-by-Zone Item Guide

Ancient Canopy

  • Kuri Kuri Egg (Quest Item): Gift this to the chef in Ward 13 for a unique dish. Found by venturing right at the statue checkpoint and climbing to an area encased in bark.
  • Disciple (Armor): Encounter this heavy armor set in a sand-filled room beneath the rotating statue, guarded by traps and a skeleton.
  • Stonesharper’s Chisel (Amulet): Boosts damage by 25% after 10 seconds of not using a weapon’s primary fire. Speak to Lydusa, then explore a collapsed corridor above a statue.
  • Pressure Point (Mutator): Enhances ranged and mod damage for close targets, obtainable after defeating a Root hologram.
  • Matriarch’s Ring (Ring): Facilitates stamina-free charge melee attacks following a perfect dodge. Check near skeletons around the first checkpoint.

Luminous Vale

  • Burden of the Mason (Ring): Increases melee damage significantly at the cost of dodge efficiency, located on an altar within a temple.
  • Thalos Eyelet (Ring): Offers defensive and stamina regeneration bonuses, found among skeleton remains.
  • Rally Band (Ring): Converts grey health to health with melee strikes, hidden in a cave accessible via a daring jump between buildings.

Earthen Coliseum

  • Soul Feast (Ring): Reduces skill cooldowns upon ally defeat, meticulously search every nook of this arena.
  • Mark of the Destroyer: Activates an explosive AOE blast upon a perfect dodge, rewarded after solving the Moon Puzzle.
  • Pallid Lodestone (Material): Essential for crafting Abrasive Rounds, acquired post-Stonewarden Boss battle.

Goddess’ Rest

  • Bloodless King’s Vow (Ring): Provides lifesteal based on ranged damage, located in a hidden water-surrounded altar in the king’s castle.
  • Bloodless Crown (Armor): Strong armor with varied resistance profiles, obtainable after defeating the Bloodless Heir Boss.
  • Bloodless Heart (Relic): Offers a temporary but powerful damage shield, placed prominently in the king’s chamber.

Deserted Atelier

  • Forge Ember (Material): Necessary for creating Heatwave mods, found after conquering the Cinderclad Monolith.
  • Token of Favor (Ring): Increases damage and critical chance against exposed targets, found on altars throughout the zone.

Proving Grounds

  • Ceramic Flask (Material): Used to craft Flying Bomb Traps, awarded upon completing the Proving Grounds Dungeon.

Infected Abyss

  • Near-Sighted (Mutator): Enhances close-range weapon damage, available post-Root Boss victory.
  • Crystal Staff (Weapon): High damage staff with critical capabilities, located in an open tombstone upheld by a skeleton.
  • Ring of Spirits (Ring): Boosts mod generation per active consumable, found on altars across the area.

So there you have it. Remnant 2: The Forgotten Kingdom has offered a ton of unique new items and weapons to the game. While you might not find them in the exact same way as us, this should at least prove a handy reference to understand what each does and roughly where they are located.