destroying items in moria to make inventory space

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In Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria, constantly crafting stuff can lead to a camp filled with unwanted items. In such a case, you might find yourself needing to destroy them to make room in your inventory. Whatever the reason, it’s useful to know how to destroy items when necessary.

Destroying Items in Return to Moria, Explained

As alluded to above, there are several reasons why you might want to destroy items in Return to Moria. Perhaps you’ve realized that your initial placement of structures or crafting stations isn’t optimal. Maybe you’ve built something accidentally and need to remove it. Or, you could be reorganizing your camp to accommodate more advanced crafting options. In any case, here’s a step-by-step:

  1. Access the Build Menu: To begin the process of item destruction, you’ll need to open the Build Menu. This menu is where you initially crafted and placed your structures and items.
  2. Locate the Item to Be Destroyed: Once inside the Build Menu, scroll through your available items and structures to locate the one you want to destroy. Highlight the item you wish to remove.
  3. Choose the Destroy Option: With the item highlighted, look for the option to destroy it. The specific button or key to trigger the destruction process may vary depending on your platform or controls. Usually, there will be a prompt on the screen indicating how to proceed.
  4. Confirm the Deletion: After selecting the item and choosing the destruction option, you’ll typically be asked to confirm the deletion. This step is crucial to prevent accidental removal. Confirm the decision to proceed with the destruction process.
  5. Collect Materials: When you destroy an item, it doesn’t simply vanish; you’ll receive back some or all of the materials used to create it. These materials are returned to your inventory, allowing you to reuse them in future crafting endeavors.
  6. Proceed with Destruction: Once you’ve confirmed your choice, the item will be removed from your camp, and the materials will be returned to your inventory.
  7. Reuse or Rearrange: With the item successfully destroyed, you now have the freedom to reuse the materials to craft new items or structures, or you can rearrange your camp to optimize your gaming experience.

Destroying items is an effective way to reposition structures, free up space, and optimize your camp layout. Still, be a bit careful; you don’t want to accidentally get rid of rare or valuable ones. Make sure it’s necessary to remove them before proceeding.

Destroying items typically returns the materials used to craft the item. This resource recovery ensures that you don’t lose valuable materials by destroying items.

So there you have it — a solid over of how to destroy items in Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. If you’re looking for other guides on the game, check out our starter hub. There are links to other content useful for your adventure to Moria. We’ve also written a list of best mods in the game that includes one which increases stack and chest sizes, which you might appreciate if you’re having to destroy a bunch of items to free up space.