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We all where masks, metaphorically speaking.

The Masks quest in Palia fleshes out the backstory of an ancient culture within the game’s sandbox. This involves some unusual masks found on the player’s housing plot, with further instructions to speak with Jina. As you might imagine, the quest is about finding the masks, but Palia doesn’t actually give you much in the way of advice about where to start looking. So, here’s a handy reference to help you complete the masks quest in Palia.

Palia Masks Quests Walkthrough

housing plot in Palia
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As alluded to above, the Masks quest in Palia begins when you find the Bird Mask. This mask is not located at a specific spot on the map but can be obtained while tilling soil on your Housing plot. Keep tilling until you randomly receive the Bird Mask, which will trigger the quest.

Once you have the Bird Mask, it’s time to seek guidance from Jina, a knowledgeable character in ancient studies. You’ll need to find Jina and talk to her about the mask you found. She will provide you with insights into the mask and suggest that it may have been used in religious rituals during the Human era.

To unravel the full story behind these masks, you must embark on a quest to locate the remaining masks. Again, Palia doesn’t provide specific hints or locations, so you’ll need to explore various areas thoroughly. Here are the locations for each mask:

  • Bird Mask: Found on your Housing plot (already obtained).
  • Lizard Mask: Located in the ruins on the northwest side of Remembrance Garden.
  • Insect Mask: Found in the ruins west of the Whisper Banks fast travel point.
  • Kitsuu Mask: Located under a tree east of Mirror Pond Ruins.
  • Humanoid Mask: Can be found inside the Water Temple at Phoenix Falls, near the staircase associated with the Ancient Battery quest.

After finding each mask, return to Jina to share your discoveries with her. She will provide dialogue related to each mask you’ve found and guide you on your quest.

To complete the Masks quest, you’ll need to unlock the Ancient Library in the Mirror Pond Ruins. To access it, make sure you have reached Friendship Level 3 with Jina and obtained the Ancient Library Key as a Friendship reward. If you haven’t received the key, you won’t be able to proceed with the quest.

ancient library in Palia
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Enter the Ancient Library and explore the chamber. Head down the main corridor and turn right down the corridor. In one of the rooms, you’ll find a bookshelf with a blue book on it. Read this book to uncover the true purpose of the masks, which is related to opera performances, not rituals.

With the newfound knowledge about the masks, return to Jina one final time. You can find her either at the Mirror Pond Ruins or the village Library at night. Share the meaning behind the masks with her to complete the quest.

As a reward for completing the Masks quest in Palia, you will receive the Ancient Pottery furnishing item, which you can proudly display within your home.

And that wraps it up; you’ve completed the Masks quest in Palia, uncovering the history of these unique artifacts and earning a valuable reward for your efforts. If you’re playing on Nintendo Switch, make sure you’ve got yourself the Mushroom Glider!