Final Fantasy 7 Release Date Trailer

Image source: Square Enix

Spectacular sequel.

The highly anticipated release date for Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has finally been unveiled during the September 2023 PlayStation State of Play event. Gamers worldwide can mark their calendars for February 29, 2024, as the day they can dive back into the iconic world of Cloud Strife and company. The game will be exclusive to PS5 until May 29, 2024.

The announcement, made during the showcase, is sure to have sent ripples of excitement through the gaming community. Fans of the beloved franchise have been eagerly awaiting this moment, and the new release date couldn’t have come soon enough.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Release Date Trailer

During the event, viewers were treated to an extensive preview of the game, offering a glimpse into the heart-pounding action and real-time combat that Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth has in store. The showcased graphics and visuals left spectators in awe, promising an immersive and visually stunning experience.

What truly stole the show, however, were the familiar faces that players will encounter throughout their journey. Characters like Zack, Tifa, and other fan favorites made their appearance, igniting nostalgia and anticipation among long-time fans.

statement from producer Yoshinori Kitase explained that the upcoming entry “will feature elements from the previous game, as well as greatly enhanced features such as the vast world map to explore and synergy abilities with party members.”

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is expected to be a continuation of the epic narrative that captivated players over two decades ago when the original Final Fantasy 7 was released. With updated gameplay mechanics, enhanced graphics, and a reimagined world, this title aims to both pay homage to its predecessor and provide a fresh experience for newcomers.

As the release date inches closer, the gaming world will undoubtedly be buzzing with excitement and speculation about what this new installment will bring to the storied franchise. Fans are eagerly counting down the days until February 29, 2024, when they can embark on their next adventure in the world of Final Fantasy 7.


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Keep an eye on further updates, as more details about Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are sure to emerge in the coming months, building the excitement even further for this highly anticipated release.