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Dressing in layers.

ARK Survival Ascended offers a wide array of items to craft, each serving a specific purpose. From weapons to ward off dangerous creatures, tools to gather resources, to armor sets providing protection, crafting equips you with the essentials needed to thrive in the game’s challenging environment. Here we’ll be listing what we consider the best armor in ARK Survival Ascended, and what you need to craft them.

Before that, though, keep in mind that in addition to the resources you’ll need to craft these armor sets, Crafting Skill plays a big role in determining their efficiency and quality. Increasing your Crafting Skill not only reduces the time taken to craft armor but also enhances their stats. The higher it is, the better the quality of items you can craft.

Best Armor to Craft in ARK Survival Ascended

Armor obviously plays a crucial role in ARK Survival Ascended, offering protection against the various threats you encounter. The game features a diverse range of armor sets, each with its unique advantages and crafting requirements.

Cloth Gear

Cloth Armor, available early in the game, serves as a basic protective layer. Despite its simplicity, Cloth Armor is invaluable for climate protection. Crafting a full set of Cloth Armor requires:

  • 145 x Fiber
  • 10 x Hide

Hide Gear

Hide Armor provides cold protection, making it ideal for colder environments. Crafting a full set of Hide Armor requires:

  • 82 x Hide
  • 33 x Fiber

Fur Gear

Fur Armor provides significant cold protection, making it suitable for survival in the Snow Biome. Crafting a full set of Fur Armor requires:

  • 320 x Pelt, Hair, or Wool
  • 53 x Metal Ingot
  • 106 x Metal
  • 40 x Hide
  • 18 x Fiber

Ghillie Gear

Ghillie Armor serves as a camouflage suit, reducing enemy visibility. Crafting a full set of Ghillie Armor requires:

  • 26 x Organic Polymer
  • 40 x Hide
  • 18 x Fiber

Flak/Iron Gear

Flak Armor, also known as Iron Armor, offers substantial armor and cold protection. Crafting a full set of Flak Armor requires:

  • 53 x Metal Ingot
  • 106 x Metal
  • 40 x Hide
  • 18 x Fiber

Chitin Armor

Chitin Armor offers a balance of armor and environmental protection. Crafting a full set of Chitin Armor requires:

  • 82 x Chitin
  • 40 x Hide
  • 18 x Fiber


SCUBA Gear excels in underwater environments, providing unlimited oxygen and increased swimming speed. Crafting a full set of SCUBA Gear requires:

  • 87 x Hide
  • 23 x Fiber
  • 12 x Chitin or Keratin
  • 16 x Metal Ingot
  • 32 x Metal
  • 6 x Cementing Paste
  • 48 x Stone
  • 24 x Chitin, Keratin, or Shell Fragment
  • 7 x Silica Pearls
  • 43 x Polymer
  • 86 x Cementing Paste
  • 688 x Stone
  • 344 x Chitin, Keratin, or Shell Fragment
  • 86 x Obsidian
  • 10 x Crystal

Riot Gear

Riot Armor offers the highest armor and provides cold protection. Crafting a full set of Riot Armor requires:

  • 245 x Polymer
  • 490 x Cementing Paste
  • 3920 x Stone
  • 1960 x Chitin, Keratin, or Shell Fragment
  • 490 x Obsidian
  • 138 x Silica Pearls
  • 40 x Hide
  • 18 x Fiber
  • 35 x Crystal

TEK Armor

TEK Armor provides the highest level of protection and comes with additional abilities. Crafting a full set of TEK Armor requires:

  • 600 x Polymer, Organic Polymer, or Corrupted Nodule
  • 2250 x Metal Ingot or Scrap Metal Ingot
  • 600 x Crystal
  • 100 x Element
  • 275 x Black Pearl

That wraps up our list of the best armor to craft in ARK Survival Ascended. If you’re an avid player, do check out our interactive map page which should prove a handy tool as you navigate The Island. It’s particularly good for locating the resources you’ll need for all of those armor sets.