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Image source: Ubisoft

Set in James Cameron’s iconic universe, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora offers gamers a chance to traverse the vast world of Pandora with the help of unique creatures. If you’re wondering how to unlock mounts in Frontiers of Pandora, you’re in the right place.

All Mounts in Avatar Fronties of Pandora

Thanks to Avatar Frontier’s of Pandora’s mounts, players can explore its stunning landscapes both on land and in the air. This exploration is made possible via the game’s mount system, which allows players to form bonds with indigenous creatures and ride them across the terrain.

Initially, your journey commences on foot, but as you progress further, you’ll unlock two types of mounts: one for air travel and one for ground travel. Each mount has its distinct mechanics that you need to understand and adapt to. As of now, the game features two primary mounts:

  1. Ikran: A majestic flying creature
  2. Direhorse: A sturdy ground beast

Unlocking the Ikran Mount

The first mount you’ll be able to unlock is the Ikran, a large flying bird that fans of the Avatar franchise will recognize instantly. The Ikran becomes available upon completion of the “Take Flight” quest, which is part of the main storyline. This quest involves a trial that tests your worthiness to own an Ikran.

Once you complete the trial, you’ll be able to form a bond with an Ikran, a bond that is both powerful and enduring.

Upon bonding with your Ikran, you gain the ability to name it and customize its appearance. You can also outfit your Ikran with various types of gear that you’ll find as you explore Pandora.

The Ikran mount can be summoned at any time by holding down the “H” key. Your Ikran has an energy meter that depletes as you fly. Make sure to feed your mount when its energy level drops to ensure its continued health and performance.

Unlocking the Direhorse Mount

The Direhorse mount is unlocked upon reaching the Upper Plains region and starting the “The Wandering Clan” quest.

Unlike the Ikran, your bond with a Direhorse is temporary. You’ll need to find a new Direhorse and soothe it each time you want to ride one.

Direhorses can be found across the entire Western Frontier, including the Kinglor Forest, but they are most abundant in the Upper Plains. Use your Na’vi vision and your Hunter’s Guide to track Direhorse if you need one.

Ikran vs. Direhorse

While the Ikran is your go-to mount for long-distance travel and aerial exploration, the Direhorse is best suited for ground travel and shorter distances. However, the Direhorse cannot be customized or named, which makes your relationship with it more fleeting compared to the Ikran. It’s worth noting that harvesting certain resources is more effective when you scan the wilderness from the air, and is, therefore, better with an Ikran.

There’s speculation that more mounts might be introduced in future content updates, expanding the variety of creatures you can ride.

So there you have it, Avatar Frontiers of Pandora offers two unique mounts: the Ikran and the Direhorse. Both have their distinct mechanics and can be unlocked by progressing through the main storyline.