all hallows eve quest guide in Fallout 4

Image source: Bethesda

Frighteningly fun.

Fallout 4’s next gen update has added a spooky new quest that leads you through ghoulish encounters and tricky puzzles and offers some equally spooky decorations as a reward. Here we’ll be breaking down the All Hallows’ Eve Fallout 4 quest with a full walkthrough.

Fallout 4 All Hallows’ Eve Quest Walkthrough

mysterious signal in fallout 4 hallows eve
Image source: Bethesda

To kick off the All Hallows’ Eve quest, tune your Pip-Boy radio to catch a mysterious signal. This signal points you toward the Harbormaster Hotel, located along the picturesque Boston coastline, just southeast of the Mass Fusion building. Once you’re there, make your way to the room marked New England Technocrat Society—it’s here where your spooky journey really begins.

Main Objectives of All Hallows’ Eve

  1. Investigate the New England Technocrat Society: Inside, you’ll find the room decked out in Halloween decor, but watch out—ghouls come out to play, and they’re not there for the candy.
  2. Defend Yourself from Ghouls, Find a Way to Escape: You’ll need to deal with the ghouls swiftly. Look out for Dr. Santiago, a ghoul sporting a distinctive pumpkin mask. This mask is your key to advancing in the quest.
  3. Search for Password Clues: After the ghouls are dispatched, you’ll notice a series of rooms, each locked and numbered. Inside these rooms, gather clues to piece together a password.
  4. Investigate the Control Panel: Once you’ve cracked the code, a final door will open, leading you to a control panel that holds the power to unlock your festive rewards.

Solving the All Hallows’ Eve Puzzle

hallows eve puzzle
Image source: Bethesda

As you explore the haunted rooms, keep an eye out for Lana’s Notes which provide crucial hints for the password puzzle. The items within each room correlate to numbers on the keypad:

  • Room 1: Four specimen jars
  • Room 2: Three skull candles
  • Room 3: Four teddy bears
  • Room 4: Six jack-o’-lanterns

With these clues, the password you need is 4346.

Claiming Your Quest Rewards

Once you’ve entered the correct password and accessed the control panel, you can disable the AI control system and open up the safe. Inside, you’ll find the Picket Fences Halloween Special magazine, which unlocks a variety of Halloween decorations for your settlements. Additionally, tucked beside the door, don’t miss out on the De-Capitalist Helmet Power Armor, adding both protection and a touch of humor to your armor collection.

The All Hallows’ Eve quest in Fallout 4 not only gives you the chance to engage in some thrilling combat and puzzle-solving but also lets you spruce up your settlements with eerie décor, making it a perfect blend of fear and fun. It’s a lovely welcome back to the game for those who have returned after having watched the awesome new Netflix show.