All Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Resources

Image source: Ghost Ship Publishing via We Game Daily

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To make progress in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, Funday Games’ auto-shooter, you need upgrades. We’ve run through all those available here. But to buy those upgrades and level up your weapons, you’ll need resources. Here, we list all Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor resources, explain where to find them, and how to gather them as efficiently as possible.

Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Resources, Explained

There are three main categories of resources in the Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor:

  1. Standard Resources: Resources that are found in every level of every biome. You need these for basic progression and are readily available throughout the game.
  2. Secondary Objective Resources: You must collect these special resources as part of random secondary objectives set to each level. Completing these objectives is necessary for acquiring specific resources and progressing further in the game.
  3. Crafting Resources: Crafting resources are used to purchase permanent upgrades after completing a dive. You get these by collecting specific resources during dives, and as such you want to target these if possible.

Each level of a dive will have a variety of standard resources, at least one secondary resource (once unlocked), and two randomly selected crafting resources. Just be aware that mineral resources are often embedded in rock so require extracting.

How to Get Resources in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Efficiently

To gather resources quickly in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor, try using the Driller class. It has the ability to mine efficiently with its mining buff, making it the ideal choice for resource gathering. Also, we suggest focusing on lower hazard levels. The Crystalline Caverns biome, in particular, offers a less hazardous environment compared to other biomes, making resource collection easier.

By repeatedly running through lower hazard levels, especially the aforementioned Crystalline Caverns , you can maximize your resource gathering efforts.

At the end of each dive, you can see a summary of all the resources you’ve acquired during that run. This overview allows you to track your progress and strategize for future dives.

List of All Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor Resources & Their Uses

Let’s now dive (pun intended) into the resources you can find in Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor. Here’s a list of all resources divided up into their type:

Standard Resources

XP – XP (Experience) is a key resource that levels up your dwarf during a dive. You can gain a small amount of XP through blue cubes, and a larger amount through pink stars. Just walk through XP to collect it.

Gold – In the game, Gold is represented by a yellow rock. Use Gold to purchase generic upgrade boosts in the shop that’s available between levels. You can also use gold to reroll the shop stock and to heal half of your health.

Nitra – Nitra is a red rock in the game. Use it to purchase weapon upgrades in the shop after completing a level. Also, you can use it to enhance the power of some artifacts.

Red Sugar – See a glowing red object? That’s Red Sugar, which provides instant healing when you’re on a dive. As with other resources, it can also impact the bonuses from specific artifacts.

Secondary Objective Resources

Secondary objectives task you with collecting specific amounts of the following resources:

Boolo Cap – These secondary resources are little pink mushrooms that are found throughout the biomes. Search ground level for them.

Morkite – Like many other resources, you have to excavate this shiny blue/green mineral. You’ll likely have to find multiple patches of Morkite to complete the secondary objectives.

Apoca Bloom – These pretty white flowers that are, unsurprisingly, found on the ground.

Upgrade Resources

Magnite – This is red rock has grey crystals embedded in it. Use Magnite to purchase the “First Aid Kit” and “Getting Fit” upgrades.

Enor Pearl – You can find this group of small, white blobs deep inside walls. It’s required for the “Upgraded Armor” and “Me Lucky Charms” upgrades.

Croppa – Croppa has a light green and purple crystal structure. You can find Croppa in walls. Use it to acquire the “Mining 101” and “Better Boots” upgrades.

Umanite – Umanite is characterized by its green crystal with smaller crystals set in it. Use it to buy the “Target Practice” and “Mind Blowing” upgrades.

Bismor – Bismor is a distinctive yellow crystal set with smaller red rocks. With it, you can purchase “Reload Speed” and “Heavy Bullets” upgrades.

Jadiz – Jadiz are smaller glowing green crystals. Use it to acquire the “Fast Learner” and “Pocket Magnets” upgrades.

So, there you have it: a comprehensive list of all Deep Rock Galactic: Survivor resources. We’ve grouped the resources into their respective categories and suggested that you use the Driller class on a low hazard biome for efficient acquisition. You’ll need plenty of resources for Deep Rock Galactic: Survivors‘s upgrades, so get digging!